Virtually row the Seine, cycle parts of the Tour de France or run around Battersea Park with Kinomap’s geolocated video-sharing platform

Kinomap introduces Kinomap Trainer app to improve the indoor training experience Kinomap, maker of the world’s first video-sharing platform offering synchronised video/map playback, today announces Kinomap Trainer for tablet and smartphone – a new app to enhance indoor training sessions on a treadmill, cycling or rowing machine. Offering synchronised video playback, the app enables users to view a pre-recorded, GPS-located outdoor route, measure their own performance and view their progress on an accompanying map. The new app is part of Kinomap’s video sharing platform that encourages contributors from around the world to share their favourite geolocated videos.

Indoor training can be a necessary but boring alternative to getting out on the road or water. Kinomap Trainer offers the next best thing. When training on a treadmill, cycling machine or rowing machine, the app provides access to all the videos posted by the community, including the Seine in Paris and the Tour de France’s Alpe D’Huez. During the workout, the tablet or smartphone screen displays up to five panels that include the video itself, a map displaying a moving icon showing the user’s position in either a terrain or satellite view, the elevation profile, description or the complete dashboard. The apps can also sync with Apple TV enabling the videos to be viewed on a larger screen.

To increase motivation by synchronising their own performance with the video, users must use an ANT+ receiver and sensors that collect and wirelessly transfer data. This enables the smartphone or tablet to receive the rhythm, speed and stride power data being applied and compare it to the video. For example, the user must pedal at a resistance/rate to keep up with the moving icon. If there is a hill, the user must cycle faster to maintain the speed of the video. The video will pause or catch-up when a preset gap is reached if the user falls behind or races ahead.

Ideal for both amateurs and professionals, Kinomap Trainer offers a multiplayer mode. Up to four people can train on the same video at the same time, update leader boards, achieve group goals and discuss with each other using the vocal chat feature. In addition, training history can be stored and the results posted to Facebook to share with friends.

Create and share favourite videos on the Kinomap platform

Kinomap’s video-sharing platform encourages contributions from people that are passionate about sharing their favourite outdoor training videos with the rest of the world. Kinomap attracts contributors from 30 countries and has around 10,000 videos covering around 20,000 kilometres of track. As all videos are GPS-located, contributions to the platform should be shot with either Kinomap Maker – a free iPhone app that makes use of the smartphone’s internal GPS sensor, or a GPS-enabled camera from a manufacturer such as Contour.

Laurent Desmons, Kinomap founder, comments: “There are several collections on the market offering an indoor training experience using videos shot outside. Kinomap is different for a couple of reasons. The synchronised, geolocation features mean that users can follow the route on video, compare themselves with the person or team in the shot, and also view their progress on a map. In addition, unlike DVD collections, our community offers an ever-increasing number of videos from anywhere in the world to choose from.”

Pricing and availability

Available now from Apple’s app store, Kinomap Trainer is available on subscription, costing £7.99 per month and £49.99 per year. For further information, please visit

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