RIP-N-PLAY: New British-built server can rip, store & silently stream your music to almost any device, anywhere in the world

RIP-N-PLAY: New British-built server can rip, store & silently stream your music to almost any device, anywhere in the world

AVA Media is proud to announce the availability of its revolutionary RIP-N-PLAY music server. The RIP-N-PLAY allows you to easily make and store top-quality digital copies of your CDs. You can then enjoy your new music library wherever you want to hear it – in the same room, all over the house or even on the move.

The RIP-N-PLAY is simple to set up, works with just about any music service/system going – from Apple iTunes to SONOS, via a world of DLNA devices and more – and supports FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless) and MP3 formats. It can also be remotely accessed via any web browser on any internet-connected device, plus via a suite of mobile apps.

All this talent sits inside the RIP-N-PLAY’s precision-engineered aluminium casing, which is almost silent in operation and uses a fraction of the electricity of typical computer-based systems.

Designed, built and fully supported in Britain by a company with 30 years of mechanical design expertise and world leading IT credentials, the AVA Media RIP-N-PLAY is a media server like no other.

“We’re making it simple to help people create a digital music collection they can browse and enjoy wherever and whenever – a grow your own Spotify!” explains AVA Media CEO, David Thompson.

“And all this from a near silent-running, energy-efficient server you’ll be proud to have on display – you can’t say that about your average noisy, bulky, power-hungry PC”, Thompson adds.

Key RIP-N-PLAY features

  • Store up to 6000+ CDs in one sleek box
  • Simple to use – plug in two cables and it’s ready to rip your CDs
  • Fast, accurate CD ripping – to start, just insert a disc
  • Rip in FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless) or MP3 formats
  • Album information and cover art automatically added
  • Supports native CD features – including gapless playback
  • Near-silent operation
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Explore and play your music library via smartphone/tablet app or any web browser – wherever you are in the house or world
  • Control, manage and optimise via web browser
  • Open architecture: works with everything from iTunes to SONOS, DLNA devices to Roku and Samba
  • Best media server for SONOS
  • Quick, simple back-up to any USB drive
  • Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminium
  • Neat design: 54x332x185mm (HxWxD)
  • Designed, built and supported in UK by expert engineers

Pricing and Availability

  • The RIP-N-PLAY is available now in a range of top retailers, listed at AVA-MEDIA.COM. The 1TB RIP-N-PLAY costs £799, while the 2TB version is £999.

How RIP-N-PLAY works

The AVA Media RIP-N-PLAY takes seconds to set up: just plug in power and network cables, wait for the green light and let rip!

Insert a music CD into the RIP-N-PLAY slot loader and all its track information, plus album art, is automatically retrieved from a premium metadata service.

Rip and store in high-quality FLAC or ALAC (Apple Lossless) format, with the option to additionally down-convert to MP3 where required. Ripping is fast, accurate and automated; discs automatically eject afterwards.

The 1TB RIP-N-PLAY can hold 2000-3000 CDs in FLAC format; the 2TB RIP-N-PLAY doubles that capacity. Use 320Kbps MP3 format and you can store around 6000 albums per 1TB.

RIP-N-PLAY uses an open architecture that means your music is easily accessible to a vast range of playback and streaming systems. From the world of Apple iTunes and DLNA devices to Roku, Samba and SONOS systems, it works seamlessly with them all.

It’s a particularly perfect partner for SONOS systems, which can struggle with some other media servers’ complex folder structures. No such problem with the RIP-N-PLAY, thanks to clever virtual mapping software, which fully recognises – and addresses – the specific needs of SONOS systems. This makes RIP-N-PLAY the best SONOS media server.

To optimise the RIP-N-PLAY for your playback device, simply access the server’s settings via a dedicated, secure web page. This browser-based control system also allows any of your devices – from home hi-fi to laptop computer to smartphone – to access and playback your music.

Prefer app-based access wherever you are in the world? RIP-N-PLAY libraries can be controlled via the top-rated Subsonic music streaming apps – available for Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices.

Finally, a few words about power consumption. When you use a laptop or desktop computer to store and stream your music, you could be consuming up to 350w of power. The RIP-N-PLAY uses as little as 9W. That’s thanks to the RIP-N-PLAY’s ground-up energy efficient design. It’s based on engineering expertise gained at AVA Media’s sister company, Tranquil PC – a world leader in low-energy IT systems. Its unique energy-efficient design doesn’t just mean lower energy bills, it means a cooler, almost silent-running server, too. A RIP-N-PLAY uses far less power and makes far less noise than a desktop PC.

About AVA Media

AVA Media is a UK company located in Manchester, where it designs, builds and supports its products from a brand new base on Trafford Park. The AVA Media team has more than 30 years’ expertise in mechanical, thermal and electronics design and manufacture, and has been supplying high-grade CD rippers for more than five years.

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