Star Wars Detours – You’ll either Love it or Hate it! George Lucas Strikes back with the help of Robot Chicken

It would appear that George Lucas is once again dabbling with his Star Wars empire (but this time he’s not alone…….). Fans across the globe will either be jumping for joy, or holding their heads in shame.



Whenever a ‘new’ Star Wars project is announced it is met with as much joy as it is hatred. From reading various forums and news outlets the announcement of Star Wars Detours seems to once again carry on that trend.

The team behind Robot Chicken – Seth Green and Matt Senreich along with Todd Grimes is the brains behind this new Star Wars adventure. George Lucas was allegedly very complimentary about the work they did on ‘Robot Chicken: Star Wars’ - Lucas himself is quoted as saying “You guys think you’re pretty fucking funny, don’t you?” – “So, how about we do something funny together?” during a conversation with Seth Green.

Actual facts about Star Wars Detours appear very thin on the ground – the rumours suggest it is due to be aired in 2013 but no TV network is yet attached.

STAR WARS DETOURS™ CLIP #1 – Steel/Emperor/Vader




STAR WARS DETOURS™ CLIP #3 – Princess Leia/Decoys/Dexter


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