Give your music some ‘SOLE’ – Music on the Go with the Jabra SOLEMATE

Give your music some ‘SOLE’ – Music on the Go with the Jabra SOLEMATE

Jabra is making music more portable than ever with a new offering in the Company’s expanding stereo music line. With more and more people using smartphones for music, Jabra has responded to the need for performance speakers that unleash the quality of the music with the Jabra SOLEMATE portable speaker.

Music lovers can now enjoy the freedom of big sound wherever they are with the Jabra SOLEMATE, a fun and multifunctional portable Bluetooth® speaker that enables sharing and broadcasting of entertainment with anyone, anytime and anywhere. With strong, deep bass from an integrated subwoofer and rich, vibrant acoustics from dual tweeters, the SOLEMATE sounds great at any level. The Jabra SOLEMATE connects to any device that can play music – either corded or wirelessly – using Bluetooth® technology, a 3.5mm audio cable or USB cable, and caters to all types of uses, indoors or outdoors. Whether connected to a mobile phone, tablet, iPad®, iPod®, mp3 Player or laptop, the SOLEMATE is the perfect audio companion to play music clearly and loudly.

  • PLAY ON! – Play music while lying at the beach, hanging out in a park, hosting a barbeque, or relaxing at home. Or, amplify the volume while streaming YouTube videos or watching movies.
  • DANCE ON! – Dance to unbelievable sound quality at the next social event, birthday party, corporate function or holiday extravaganza.
  • GAME ON! – Turn-up the volume on mobile videogames and beat the top score.
  • TALK ON! – Catch up with friends, family and colleagues via phone or video chat services like Skype. Connect to a mobile phone, PC, or tablet and enjoy loud and clear conversations without missing a word.
  • CARRY ON! – About the size and weight of a small soda bottle, the SOLEMATE is small and light and features a handy carry strap and rubber sole base that stores the 3.5 mm audio cable so it’s always available.
  • PARTY ON! – Sweat, dust, splash and shock resistant, the SOLEMATE can handle any bumps throughout the day or evening. SOLEMATE is meant to travel – it even comes with a durable sound bag – throw it in the bag in extreme situations and music will still play through loud and clear.

The Jabra SOLEMATE (£149.99) comes in black or white and will be available at retail stores in September.

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For more information on Jabra’s line of Bluetooth® speakers, headsets and in-car speakerphones, please visit www.Jabra.com or follow them on Twitter at http://twitter.com/jabraeurope.

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