Help your iPad ‘Stand’ out from the crowd with Twelve South

The iPad is a great tool for working, watching films, cooking, designing and learning but may not always be easy to use as it is. This inspired twelve south to create a number of products that help users get the most out of the iPad.

Compass £39.99 (available in red, black or silver)

Compass is a stylish, compact folding stand that works as an easel and a typing stand with all iPads. As an easel, the Compass beautifully displays the iPad in both portrait and landscape modes. Use the portrait mode for iPhoto slideshows, browsing iBooks or catching up with friends on face time and the landscape mode to kick back with a film or YouTube leaving hands free to enjoy popcorn!

The Compass can also transfer into a typing stand with a simple flip on the secondary leg, this portable stand sits at a perfect angle for comfortable typing on the iPad. When folded flat the Compass is only 7 inches long by 1 inch wide, which means it won’t take up much space when on the go!

HoverBar – £69.99

HoverBar connects the iPad to a Mac, creating a workstation that makes the iPad more useful as an office device. Collaborate on a project with FaceTime, monitor stocks and interact with apps with the help of the HoverBar.

HoverBar floats the iPad next to any iMac or Apple display with an L-shaped stand. The sleek black, flexible arm on the HoverBar connects to the Mac using a sturdy, silicone-lined clamp that leaves no trace. HoverBar has enough muscle and reach to position the iPad above or beside any sized Mac. Flex the bar and tilt the iPad in any direction to find the best viewing position. For those looking to further extend the workstation a second HoverBar can be added.

BookBook for iPad – £69

The BookBook case for iPad is a handmade, hardback case that doubles as a fully adjustable stand. Designed to keep the new iPad safe and secure whilst on the go, each BookBook provides users with a unique leather accessory that resembles a vintage book. A beautiful exterior is mirrored by an equally luxurious soft, velvety, dark chocolate interior frame that cushions the iPad and protects the screen from scratches. Two supple leather corners and an elastic band edge hold the tablet firmly in place and reduce the risk of accidental breakage.

Additional decorative pieces, such as the button and tassel, can also be used to add extra functionality to the BookBook. By simply connecting the two components and adjusting the length of the tassel, users can transform the BookBook into a fully-adjustable, hands-free stand that can be customised to accommodate an infinite number of viewing angles which is perfect for comfortable movie watching, typing or reading.

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