The Libratone Zipp, performance and convenience of AirPlay without the need for a Wi-Fi network

The Libratone Zipp boldly claims that it is the first ever truly no-compromise and hassle-free wireless speaker.

Compact, functional and an extremely attractive speaker the Libratone Zipp is the first device to deliver the performance and convenience of AirPlay without the need for a Wi-Fi network and complicated setup thanks to Libratone’s all-new PlayDirect™ technology.

The Libratone Zipp can be powered by mains or battery enabling you to take wireless high-end audio to the outside world, eliminating the need to be close to a wireless network. A full charge provides up to eight hours of playtime using the wired connection whilst up to four hours are on offer using the wireless connection.

Showing that is has style as well as substance the Libratone Zipp features changeable wool covers in eight vivid colours to suit all tastes and occasions. As you would expect the Libratone Zipp works seamlessly with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Mac, as well as PC.

“We wanted to design a speaker that makes high-end sound portable and truly wireless,” says Tommy Andersen, CEO of Libratone. “Similar to a pair of headphones, Libratone Zipp follows you wherever you go – around the house, to work, in the park or on holiday. PlayDirect technology makes Libratone Zipp a wireless, out of the box product – setting your music free has never been this easy!”

The evolution of AirPlay

An innovative development – PlayDirect™ technology makes it possible to stream music with or without the need for an in-home Wi-Fi network. This Libratone-only feature is an easy-to-use, ideal solution for picnics, camping trips and other outdoor activities.

Due to the unique way it has developed AirPlay technology – the Libratone Zipp creates a direct Wi-Fi connection between any compatible device, such as an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or computer. Whether connected through Airplay or using PlayDirect™, Libratone Zipp is immediately ready to deliver a high-quality audio experience.

Contemporary design

Simply put the Libratone Zipp looks fantastic it offers contemporary design and is available in a selection of colours including; Salty Grey, Pepper Black, Pineapple Yellow, Raspberry Red, Passion Pink, Plum Purple, Petrol Blue and Icy Blue. Libratone’s fine Italian wool covers are sold separately and are quick and easy to change. Additionally, the minimalistic speaker features a leather handle for easy portability.

A 360° sound experience

FullRoom™ technology is a 360-degree sound experience created by specially designed drivers inside the Libratone Zipp. Unlike conventional speakers, which have a “sweet spot” directly in front of the speaker, FullRoom™ technology disperses sound in all directions for an unrivalled experience – no matter where the listener happens to be.

Contrary to regular speakers, Libratone Zipp doesn’t have a front or back meaning that everyone around it is surrounded by music. To further enhance the music experience, you can download the Libratone app that allows for customization of the sound.

“The round shape of Libratone Zipp is an example of how design and functionality can go hand in hand. The cylinder shape combined with the FullRoom technology makes Libratone Zipp a social speaker, including everyone in the music experience,” says Kristian Krøyer, creative director at Libratone. “The cover change feature also makes Libratone Zipp a long-lasting design object.”

Pricing and availability

Libratone Zipp dressed in Salty Grey or Raspberry Red is sold exclusively at Apple Stores and Apple Online from October 2012 and retails at £329.99

Libratone Zipp also comes in 3-pack-colour boxes with two extra wool zip-on covers included. The elegant Classic Color Collection features Libratone Zipp in Pepper Black, Petrol Blue & Raspberry Red and the fresh Funky Color Collection includes Pepper Black, Passion Pink & Pineapple Yellow covers. The Libratone collection boxes will be available from John Lewis, Dixons Travel and online from October 2012 and retails at £369.99.

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