Flow…ting speaker system launched by Opalum

Combining chic Scandinavian minimalist design, with patented Actisonic® and Actiline® sound innovation, Opalum, the Scandinavian audio company has announced the Flow 4810 – a beautiful floating speaker system.

Partnered with a control hub and RF touch remote, you can stream your music from a multitude of devices including; mobile phones, tablets or via PC using Airport express or Bluetooth connectivity – the Flow 4810 sounds as stunning as it looks. The hub comes equipped with a pebble-shaped RF touch remote allowing the control hub to remain out of sight. You can simply place the hub in a cupboard or suitable location to keep the cabling discreet.

The Opalum range of speakers is designed by one of Scandinavia’s premiere designers – Eva Hanner. Using her deluxe design ethos, Eva has put her stamp on the Flow 4810 by leading with a simplistic design that oozes Scandinavian elegance. Eva’s experience span award-winning concept cars and private jet interiors, to designer collections launched by high-profile, home-styling brands.

The Flow 1810 will match the thickness (thinness?) of your LED TV and sit discreetly alongside your home entertainment system. The speakers will look at home in  a designer apartment or your more traditional living space. The speakers can often be mistaken for a piece of modern art as opposed to the latest technology to find its way out of Scandinavia. Available in high-gloss translucent white or black, the Flow 4810 will seamlessly coordinate with any interior decor.

Featuring 48 precision-made drivers using advanced inverse filtering algorithms and psychoacoustics to allow the Flow 4810 to take control of the air movement - creating flawless audio reproduction.

With an impressive visual appearance the audio more than matches the look of these high quality speakers. The Flow 4810 features a deep sound complimented by a smooth bass the crystal clear  music delivery by these speakers is mightily impressive.

Pricing and availability

The Flow 4810 speakers are priced at £2,899.00 (including control hub and remote)

For more information visit: www.opalum.com or www.channeldynamics.net

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