The Disco 2 Bluetooth Speaker from SuperTooth

DISCO 2. The freestanding Bluetooth speakers from SuperTooth

SuperTooth, headquartered in Nébias, France have launched the latest in their line of high quality wireless devices – The DISCO 2, a Bluetooth A2DP portable speaker.

Following on from the success of the original Disco – the DISCO 2 features a slim design and  unique shape, this compact speaker operates using Bluetooth version 4.0 and can stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth A2DP device, ranging from a smart phone or tablet to a computer or MP3 player.


  • Ten hours of wireless entertainment achievable from only a two-hour charge – the DISCO 2 will not sell you short on music
  • Stand-by time of up to 500 hours
  • Operating range of up to ten metres and can be controlled using any Bluetooth AVRCP device
  • 3.5mm stereo headphone jack for audio
  • Stereo Speaker
  • Capable of delivering 16 watts of sound from its two powerful speakers on the front and its high-efficiency bass-reflex system at the back
  • Bluetooth – A2DP
  • The apTX® protocol keeps the quality of your original audio files to optimise them when streaming to the Disco2
  • Buttons include: volume, forward, back, play and pause enabling you to control your device from the speaker

The DISCO 2 is a freestanding wireless speaker and will connect to any Bluetooth A2DP device allowing you to enjoy high quality music streaming anytime, anywhere.

Available now, the DISCO 2 comes in a range of colours and retails for £79.

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