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QDOS Launches iPad mini Case Collection

QDOS, a designer of innovative accessories for iPhone, iPod, iPad, smartphones and tablets has announced their latest collection of cases this time designed specifically for the newly released iPad mini.

The Libris folio cases features a leather finish combined with a superb quality look and feel. A soft luxury suede lining protects the iPad mini from bumps and knocks and its folding design and built-in stands are perfect for users on the go.

The Libris case collection adds minimal bulk and boasts a front cover that folds right back to ensure that you can still comfortably hold the iPad mini in one hand, as intended. Specially tailored to ensure a perfect fit for the new must-have gadget, the case holds it firmly in place at all times and a diary-style elastic strap keeps it safely closed when not in use. The superior hand sewn inner and classy exterior ensures no external impact and eliminates the possibility of any dust creeping in.

Conveniently concealed within the case are two support stands to place the iPad mini upright in landscape or portrait position. This handy stand works really well for reading, showing presentations to colleagues, watching films on the move, or even transforms the iPad mini into a portable alarm clock next to the bed.

The classic black and red versions are both available now from www.qdossound.com from £34.99.

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