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Is this an app which I see before me? Explore Shakespeare interactive apps on your iPad

Cambridge University Press have launched the Explore Shakespeare series at RADA, bringing Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth to life on iPad in a truly interactive App.

Released worldwide and available for download on Apple’s App Store, the apps retail at £9.99 each and have been created by the world-famous Cambridge University Press and the BAFTA-nominated developer Agant. The first two titles, Romeo and Juliet: Explore Shakespeare and Macbeth: Explore Shakespeare, let you read, listen and interact with the characters and text. Cambridge University Press’s definitive versions of the text have been beautifully re imagined for iPad, with illuminating visuals, helpful commentary and a compelling audio performance.

These unique apps bring the latest technology together with 500 years of dramatic tradition and more than three decades of research and teaching experience. In so doing, they transform the plays for the 21st century while respecting the core values that make them classics. The Explore Shakespeare apps will be enjoyed by everyone from the casual reader who wants to explore Shakespeare’s plays and be excited by them for the very first time through to actors and students learning Shakespeare.


  • Read the play and choose your own level of customisation and enhancement.
  • Listen to a full audio performance of the play, starring Michael Sheen as Romeo, Kate Beckinsale as Juliet and Fiona Shaw as the Nurse.
  • See the action with over 100 photographs of professional productions, including stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Claire Danes and David Tennant.
  • Understand Shakespeare’s language better with clear glossary definitions throughout.
  • Get an overview of the action with plot summaries inside the play.


  • Explore the language of each scene and character through interactive word clouds.
  • Pick a character and see their sections of the play clearly separated – perfect for learning your lines, or for studying a particular character’s story.
  • Understand the relationships between characters with Circles for each scene.
  • Use the Themeline to see how the play’s themes ebb and flow through the acts.
  • Get involved in the play through hundreds of tried-and-tested activities, for individuals, pairs and groups.


  • Delve deeper into the context, key themes and history of the play with a series of accessible articles by authoritative Cambridge sources.
  • Use detailed notes alongside the text to examine the literary inspirations and history of interpretation of the play
  • Search the entire text, with highlighting and filtering.

Standout features of Explore Shakespeare include built-in Themelines to see the flow of key themes the plays and Circles that show the relationships between the characters visually and who’s on stage in each scene. Interactive word clouds let you tap on a character’s name to see their favourite words and how they are used. Extensive glossaries and notes help guide the reader through the play.

In addition, you can learn your lines from a famous cast of Hollywood A-list British talent including Romeo and Juliet’s Kate Beckinsale (Emma, Total Recall) and Michael Sheen (Tron Legacy, Frost/Nixon) as well as Macbeth’s Bruce Alexander (A Touch of Frost, Tomorrow Never Dies) and Fiona Shaw (Harry Potter, True Blood) to name a few. You can also find out about the characters, their tales and their lives. The first two Explore Shakespeare apps bring Romeo and Juliet to life and let you fast-forward and rewind through Macbeth’s story as much as you like.

The apps are perfect for a reader who wants to discover the exciting and vivid nature of these great dramatic works. John Pettigrew, Executive  Producer of the series for Cambridge University Press, explains: “We believe that Shakespeare’s work is genuinely accessible to everyone as long as it’s presented the right way. With the new possibilities offered by Apple’s new iPad and iPad mini, the time has come for more people than ever to discover this for themselves.”

Matt Harvey, Marketing Director at Cambridge University Press, concludes: “Cambridge University Press actually existed in Shakespeare’s lifetime so he would have heard of us as a publishing house. It seems fitting that we’re the first publisher to really take these classic plays to a new level, giving all age groups the ability to delve deep into his work in an innovative and engaging way. This gives readers from the iPad generation the opportunity to experience decades of our work on the world’s greatest playwright in a truly unique way.”

Romeo and Juliet: Explore Shakespeare and Macbeth: Explore Shakespeare are the first two plays to be released worldwide in the Explore Shakespeare collection. Other classic plays to be released in the next year include A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream, Twelfth Night, Othello and Hamlet which include many more exciting new features.

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