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Nero unveils new multimedia suite for editing, converting and streaming

Nero 12, compatible with Windows 8, gives video, photo and audio fans high quality HD effects and playback for a complete home entertainment experience.

Nero 12 is the latest addition to the Nero family and its flagship media suite range. Nero 12 allows video, photo and audio enthusiasts to enjoy multimedia content in their preferred formats on PCs and mobile devices. This latest multimedia suite has a variety of features, targeting users with different levels of skill and creativity. The new product gives beginners a simple platform to manage, edit, create and share their own multimedia content on any device. For more advanced users video editing and creation of Blu-rays with a variety of playback options is available.

“It is now possible to enjoy HD content on all kinds of devices, including PCs, Blu-ray Players, HDTVs, streaming-enabled set-top boxes, tablets and game consoles. What has been missing is an easy way for Windows users to convert, customize and connect your content for all these different devices,” commented Martin Stein, chief product officer at Nero.

“Nero 12 fills that void. In one seamless and focused package, it has everything you need to import, enhance, convert and play just about any type of video, photo or audio content. Nero 12 is a complete multimedia suite that is accessible to users of all levels, including beginners,” added Stein.

Nero 12 features the following:

  • Rip DVDs, Blu-ray Discs™1 and AVHCD™ videos containing your personal content, as well as videos from online sources
  • Import video from AVCHD™ camcorders, DSLR cameras, smartphones or other capture devices
  • Convert video for optimal playback on an XBOX 360™, PS3™/PS® Vita, iPad®, iPhone®, Android tablet or smartphone, Kindle Fire™, and many other devices
  • Edit videos and apply new slow and fast motion effects, video stabilization effects and incredible vintage film effects and retro film themes
  • Create professional-looking Blu-ray Discs and DVD-Video discs, complete with menus, chapters and customizable themes
  • Manage videos, photos and music in one centralized media library
  • Stream movies, photos and music from the media library to streaming-enabled HDTVs, game consoles and mobile devices
  • Play videos from Blu-ray Discs, DVDs and virtually any video file format on a PC or laptop

Nero 12 is now on sale in the UK and is compatible with all Windows 8 devices, as well as legacy versions of the OS going back to Windows XP.

Special upgrade prices as low as £19.99 are available exclusively at for loyal Nero customers. Nero 12 is also sold at selected retail and online establishments for an MSRP of £59.99.

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