Take a look at 5 top accessories for the new iPad mini

You now have your latest gadget – the iPad mini, have you thought how you will look after it and how you can make the most of it?

Below are 5 top accessories all available now from the online retailer Mobile Fun.

invisible shieldOf all the accessories on your list, did you remember an iPad Mini screen protector? These accessories can be easily overlooked, but they offer a fantastic benefit at little cost: Complete screen protection. Like the iPhone and full size iPad before it, the iPad Mini’s screen will no doubt be no stranger to scuffs and scratches. With this screen protector, the iPad Mini will be completely protected.

igrip universal tablet car holderThis tablet car holder is ideal for the iPad Mini, with its extensible arms allowing the iPad Mini to be held securely with or without a case attached. The car holder adheres to flat surfaces with windscreens and dashboards easily, and offers good adjustability for ensuring the perfect angle. Whether you’re using a 3G iPad Mini for GPS navigation or a Wi-Fi model for showing a video to your passengers, this iGrip iPad Mini car holder is ideal for the job.

Griffin PowerjoltWhile the iPad Mini includes the same ten-hour battery life as the full size iPad, it still will have its battery noticeably reduced on long trips. This impressive car charger uses the new Lightning connector to charge the iPad Mini at full speed directly from your car’s auxiliary power port, ensuring that you’ll never get to your destination with less power than you started with.

Clingo Universal Tablet StandThis universal tablet stand is ideal for the iPad Mini, allowing you to easily stand the iPad Mini up in an elevated and angled position with just a touch. The stand is quite heavy and isn’t portable, but if you often use the iPad Mini at your desk at home or the office then it’s an ideal piece of equipment. That weight makes incredibly stable, allowing you to rest your iPad there without fear of it tipping over, and that size makes it very easy to read as it’s more at the level of a monitor than a tablet just lying on a table.

Macally iPad mini coverThis iPad Mini case is unusually versatile, featuring a unique detachable and reversible cover. The cover has a soft textured pattern on one side and a leather appearance on the reverse. It’s easy to pop out the cover, then put it back in the other way to change the overall look and feel of the case.

Of course, it’s a good iPad Mini case in its own right as well, with a hardshell covering the back and corners for excellent protection against scratches and knocks. The case also includes cutouts for all of the various ports and buttons as well as the camera, ensuring you won’t ever need to take the iPad Mini out the case. Finally, the case includes the same folding segmented cover design as the Apple smart cover, with the cover folding into a triangle to work as a stand.

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