Pong iPhone 5 case

Pong’s New Case Makes the iPhone 5 Safer, Faster, Stronger

Pong Research have announced a case for the iPhone 5 that claims it can protect users from exposure to the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) given off by the device’s cellular antenna whilst strengthening the signal strength and improve battery life.

The sleek, minimalist style of the Pong iPhone 5 case complements the iPhone 5′s distinctive thin and light design, and features a soft touch finish..

“The Pong iPhone 5 case features our patented technology that makes it the only case available today that both significantly reduces consumers’ exposure to radiation and improves their overall user experience,” said Todd DeYoung, CEO, Pong Research. “Other cases can increase users’ exposure to EMR by interfering with the iPhone’s cellular signal and forcing the device to use more power and consume more battery life to overcome that interference. The Pong case protects users without placing any restrictions on how they use their iPhones to make calls, check emails, surf the Web, take and share pictures and videos, play games and watch movies and TV shows.”

All smart phone antennas emit EMR, a form of microwave energy, when transmitting to cell towers. Consumers’ heads and bodies can absorb the majority of this radiation while they use their cell phones. The most intense EMR comes from radio frequency waves nearest to the antenna, the radiation’s source. While there is no definitive proof that exposure to the EMR emitted by smartphones is harmful to users, in 2011 the World Health Organization, based on findings by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, classified cell phone radiation as “possibly carcinogenic” to humans.

Proven Technology

Pong rigorously tests its cases in its two internal test labs. All products are tested for SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) and TRP (Total Radiated Power) on all frequencies on which the phone operates worldwide. Two independent labs, CETECOM and RF Exposure Labs, both accredited as Telecommunications Certified Bodies with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and able to issue FCC equipment authorization approvals, verify Pong’s internal testing results. CETECOM and RF Exposure Labs regularly perform SAR measurements according to U.S., Canadian, European, and Australian standards for mobile devices.

“The World Health Organization recommends that consumers adopt what it calls the ‘precautionary principle,’ and we have developed our line of mobile device cases to help consumers do just that.” added DeYoung.

Pricing and Availability

The Pong iPhone 5 case is available from £48 in graphite black, silver, red, metallic purple and metallic green. For more information and to purchase a case, visit www.pongresearch.co.uk

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