Review Overboard Waterproof iPad mini case

REVIEW: Waterproof iPad mini case from Overboard

Following the launch of the iPad mini - Overboard, a designer and manufacturer of waterproof travel and sports gear (and an official kit supplier to the RNLI!), announced their Waterproof iPad mini case.

Overboard has the following to say about its new case:

Constructed from durable TPU, the Overboard case seals tightly using a Slide Seal System, meaning users can protect their iPad mini from water, sand, dirt and snow. Designed to endure extremes, the waterproof case will protect the iPad from the elements. The opening/closing mechanism positioned at the top of the case is extremely simple to use. The switches slide apart and fix into a ‘lock’ position. Once sealed a five class waterproof rating means the iPad can be submersed in up to six meters (19ft) of water.

Realistically you are never likely to take your iPad mini into six metres of water (but it’s nice to know you can), what you are likely to do though is use it in the bath, at the beach, around the pool etc. Electrical devices and water do not mix well and I am sure we all know at least one person who has found this out the hard way. I have used cases like this before and as much as it protects you against water damage it proved just as useful protecting  the tablet from dirt, sand, suncream and also helps keep it in tip-top condition whilst used outside.

How does it work?

With the waterproof case and a iPad mini to hand it was time to put it to the test. Upon opening the box you are presented with the case, a lanyard and a shoulder strap. You open up the case by unlocking four switches along the top, you slide you device in via the opening then lock the switches. You can, if you want, attach the shoulder strap which clicks into the eyelets running along the top of the case.

First impressions

The case feels well made and is extremely light. The opening for the iPad mini has plenty of give so it isn’t a tight fit which will make it easier to fit the device into. With the device in the case you can still use the touchscreen functionality the only slight issues I came across was when some air was present and it would cause a slight vacuum against certain parts of the screen which did cause problems when interacting with it. With this in mind I opened the case back up made sure I got as much air out as possible then re-sealed it, this pretty much resolved the issue however it is difficult to expel all the air from the case due to it being completely airtight.

The test

Making sure the case was closed up and sealed correctly all that was left to do was to drop it (carefully) into the sink full of water and crossing all of my fingers! At this point I watched closely to make sure no air bubbles were coming out of the case as this would indicate a leak, however with no apparent problems I left the iPad mini in the sink for a few hours checking on it intermittently.

The hardest part of the test was trying to keep the whole thing submerged – the material that the case if made of seems to float well and this was made worse (or better depending on your point of view) when air was present in the case – this could prove extremely useful should you end up dropping your device into the pool or sea.

Overboard iPad mini case under water

After three hours I took the iPad mini out of the sink and held my breath……… Upon opening the case I was extremely pleased (and relieved) to see that the case had worked perfectly, the iPad mini was completely dry and there no signs of water penetration at all – so a very happy (and relieved) Digital Sock Editor!


Well what can I say. The Waterproof iPad mini case from Overboard does exactly what it says it will - okay,  I didn’t exactly test the device to its limits but in reality how many people will need to take their iPad mini into six metres of water? The case is well made, adds no real extra weight to the device and provides a good fit. I would imagine with more and more people using tablets on the go products like this will become more popular.

Very few people I would imagine will be pushing this case to its limits although I have no doubts it would live up to all of its claims. I would think that the main market for a case such as this would be people who enjoy watersports or those that want to use a device around the pool or at the beach whilst on holiday – however it could also prove useful if you like taking your tablet in the bath! On a side note another good use for a case like this would be when young children are handling your iPad, my nephews are always very keen to get their (grubby little) hands on my prized gadgets to play the latest instalment of Angry Birds however they aren’t always as careful as I would like and think nothing of trying to prod the screen just after a meal.

The bottom line is for an RRP of £27.95 this is a great buy and could end up helping you save a few hundred pounds in repair costs – note that this easily fits the iPad mini so I would assume that other devices such as the Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire or Amazon Kindle could all be used with this case.

Finally I must just say that I would thoroughly recommend this case. It does exactly what is sets out to do and could potentially save you a lot of money in the long run.

The Waterproof iPad mini Case is available now for £27.95 from

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