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REVIEW: Kaimata Tablet Stand

The Kaimata is a universal tablet stand that is compatible with most devices currently available including; Apple’s iPad, Google Nexus (7 and 10), Amazon Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy, Asus Transformer and the Microsoft Surface to name but a few.


On first impressions the stand comes across well, it looks good and due to the colours used matches most tablets. The stand is extremely well-balanced and boasts a non-slip base. The ‘dock’ arm is adjustable enabling you to get the perfect viewing angle. The arm which holds the tablet ‘dock’ is adjustable (two hinges) but note there isn’t any restraining features so the tablet just sits in the dock. In addition to the non slip base it also includes a cable routing system so you can keep everything nice and tidy and charged whilst using the stand. In addition there is a recess  in the base of the stand designed to store either your iPod (or other generic MP3 player….) or your smartphone. However, you could also use this to place your keys and / or wallet if you choose.


I like it. The Kaimata has a modern feel about it and is an easy to use tablet stand. It’s nice to see products on the market which are not specifically built for one particular device but will suit a range tablets. The base has some weight to it so it won’t easily be dislodged and the mechanics of the arm are nice and tight so once you have positioned your tablet it should remain where it is. The cable routing system is a nice touch and each Kaimata also includes a free  waikawa – a lightweight screen cleaning cloth made of premium microfibre. When not in use the arm folds nearly flat into the base of the unit enabling easy storage.

Stands like this are extremely popular as more and more people use a tablet in addition to a laptop or desktop machine – however it would also work well on a bedside cabinet, in the kitchen or even in the bathroom!

We like it and think you will too.

Pricing and Availability

The Kaimata from Maroo retails at £39.99. It is available from Amazon.co.uk.

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