REVIEW: The Drogo. Stylish, Rugged iPad case from Maroo

REVIEW: The Drogo. Stylish, Rugged iPad case from Maroo

Let’s start by stating the obvious, the iPad isn’t a cheap device. To be honest whenever someone wants to use my iPad I always keep a close eye on them to make sure they don’t drop it or scratch that beautiful screen.

With this in mind one of the first things I looked for after purchasing the latest iPad was a case that would help protect it and preserve the lifespan of my latest ‘toy’ should it get dropped.

The accessories market for Apple products is completely flooded and you have to do something pretty special to stand out from the crowd. The genuine Apple Smart Covers look very nice but I personally don’t feel they will offer me the protection I am after and I can’t imagine it helping too much if / when the device is dropped or stop it getting scratched whilst being knocked about in my work bag.

With the above in mind I was delighted when a press release from Maroo dropped into my inbox announcing ‘The Drogo. The Drogo from Maroo is a solidly built, protective case which offers complete protection to your iPad. As with a number of the Maroo cases this also incorporates their unique ‘SG Bumper Technology’ – so what exactly is it? Well I will let Maroo explain.


So there you have it, by all means feel free to throw your iPad around and test it for yourself – however I will wait for the inevitable day that my iPad does get dropped and be  comforted by the fact that it is probably as protected as it could be.

The Drogo is more than just a case for your iPad – in addition to the protection on offer it also features the following:

  • Easy-carry hand strap
  • Interior pocket for notes and business cards
  • Smart magnet functionality
  • Includes camera cut-out
  • Two viewing angles
  • Easy access to all buttons and jacks

To highlight just how well their cases protect your iPad by using their ‘SG Bumper Technology’ Maroo have created a  number of promotional videos including one launching an iPad from a giant catapult!

How does it work?

The case is extremely easy to attach to the iPad. On each corner there is a rubber (?) catch which you bend back slightly and this then holds the iPad in place. The ‘catches’ which hold the iPad in place are actually raised by about 2-3mm higher than the screen, so in the unfortunate case of your iPad slipping out of your hand and landing face down (onto a flat surface) this will offer some protection and should stop the screen getting scratched / smashed.

The Drogo features ‘smart magnet functionality’ which in plain English means it works in the same was as the official Apple smart covers – you open the case your iPad wakes up, you close it and off it goes to sleep – it’s simple and works exactly as you would expect.

The case offers two viewing angles. The first, a very low angle which is ideal for using either on your lap or the arm of your sofa and the second is a much higher viewing angle which is designed to sit on tables, desktops etc. The latter I felt was actually a little unbalanced, I was always a concerned that the iPad would topple over as it felt very front heavy, but suffice to say it hasn’t yet but I would feel more comfortable if it lent back just a tiny bit further.

The build quality of the case is very high with all straps, stitching and clips working really well and gives the whole case a premium feel about it. The look of it is more down to personal taste, it is certainly not an understated design but then it’s not meant to be. For me personally it is a little too much, the main colour of the case is black with a yellow felt interior – that works well. However the part I am not overly keen on is the embossed dragons on the front cover – however this is partly to do with the name and the branding and like I said it comes down to personal taste.

First impressions

First impressions of the case are very good. On the face of it – it appears to do exactly what it claims. The case is well constructed and during my time using it has certainly protected my iPad and as such it looks as good as it did the day it came out of the box. I use my iPad most day and it gets chucked in my daily work bag and has clearly been knocked around a little but the case has protected it well.

The test

Quite simply I have been using The Drogo case for two weeks. As mentioned above it has done exactly what it is meant to – okay I haven’t dropped the iPad and certainly won’t be throwing it around ‘just to see what happens’. However, I would be quite confident that should I drop the iPad then it would be well protected.


In my experience the case appears to do exactly what it is meant to. It protects the iPad, has a high quality premium feel about it and certainly doesn’t hold back in the appearance stakes (however this is always down to personal preference). I have been using the case now for two weeks and until something better comes along I will continue to do so. The only sticking point for some people might be the cost – with a RRP of £89.99 it isn’t cheap but when you are spending anything from £400+ on an iPad you do want something that will offer suitable protection and The Drogo will certainly do that.

Pricing and Availability

The Drogo from Maroo retails at £89.95. It is available from Maroo and Amazon.

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