Google I/O 2013

Google I/O 2013 – SAVE THE DATE!

Google have announced the date of their next I/O event in 2013 via Twitter. The short Tweet read ‘Save the date! Google I/O ‘13 will be 5/15-17. Reg info coming in early ‘13. Meanwhile, revisit the magic:  #io13‘. Currently these are the only details available in reference to the next I/O conference with the link taking you to the review of the 2012 event.

This years event will most probably be remembered for the announcement of the Nexus 7 (one of the worst kept secrets in tech….), Google’s first official foray into the tablet market featuring their latest iteration of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (also announced at the show). The ‘search’ giants also publicly demonstrated the $1,500 Google Glass prototypes with the assistance of some skydivers – it will be interesting to see when these finally get released and what sort of reaction they get from the paying public. And on the subject of a release date that brings me nicely onto the ‘Nexus Q media hub’. In stark contrast to the rumours surrounding the Nexus 7 I don’t recall seeing any media coverage of the Nexus Q before the I/O event, this exciting media hub was hailed as a perfect partner for the various Google media services and the new Nexus 7 – then as quickly as it was announced it was then pulled from the ‘shelves’ of Google Play. To the best of my knowledge very little information appears to be in the public domain relating to this device, so maybe we have this to look forwards to in 2013?

So what can we expect in 2013? Google have a habit of announcing the expected then throwing a curve-ball into the mix, we can safely assume there will be announcements relating to a the Nexus range, Android and further information of Project Glass – other than that let the speculation begin but I sense we will see something relating to Google maps – quite what, I don’t know but Apple will be back and looking to challenge Google once more on the mapping front.

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