be.ez Macbook Pro Retina protective case

As tough as it sounds: be.ez launches LA robe Graphite for MacBook Retina 13 and 15

be.ez, a leading French brand for Apple accessories, today extends its range to include a protective, custom fit LA robe Graphite sleeve for the Retina display MacBook Pro 13 and MacBook Pro 15.

Manufactured from LRPu (Low Resilience Polyurethane) technology, the LA robe Graphite is made in a soft, ‘shape-memory’ material, which provides lightweight protection for your MacBook Pro. The case regains its shape after being indented allowing  the sleeve to protect your device from bumps and knocks.

The LA robe offers protection without the bulk, measuring just 5mm thick. The sleeve is made of a jersey type material and features an inner lip for maximum protection. Its low-profile design is ideal for slipping into hand luggage, a school bag or neatly tucking into a briefcase to prevent scratches.

The LA robe Graphite features a dark grey jersey fabric outside and a choice of black, Bordeaux red or blue soft fleece inside which keeps the MacBook protected whilst looking stylish.

Pricing and availability

The be.ez LA robe Graphite cases for MacBook Pro Retina 13 and 15 are available from £22.90 now from The Graphite case is also available for MacBook Air 13 and MacBook Pro 13

LA robe MBAir 13 Graphite : £22.90
LA robe MBPro 13 Graphite : £22.90
LA robe MBPro 13 Retina Graphite : £22.90
LA robe MBPro 15 Retina Graphite : £24.90

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