ipad cases from Maroo

Stylish protection for your iPad from Maroo

Introducing the Pango, Rimu, Kara and Poro from Maroo. These premium-leather  iPad cases (suitable for 4th and 3rd generation iPad and the iPad 2) include patented Safe Guard (SG) BumperTM Technology, providing ultimate protection to your prized tablet. Each of the cases is named using traditional Māori words and phrases, keeping true to Maroo’s roots.

Maroo’s patented Safe Guard (SG) Bumper Technology is incorporated into all of its cases, and protects the iPad from damage when knocked or dropped. The tough chassis system wraps around the back of the iPad and encases each of the four corners of the device, holding it securely in place.

Click here to see Maroo’s iPad slingshot video that demonstrates its durability credentials.

These high quality cases allow for multiple viewing angles, providing the perfect position for typing emails while commuting, or watching movies and TV shows. To complement the SG Bumper Technology, each case also includes a scratch-free, suede interior to protect the 4th generation iPad’s high-definition retina screen. Users will also benefit from the intelligent magnet functionality, which will ‘wake’ or ‘sleep’ the device when the case is opened and closed.

The RimuThe Rimu case grabs attention and stands out from the crowd with its impactful, red design and stylish black accents. It’s perfect for creative types that want to be noticed.

The Poro

This fashion-forward colour can brighten up every user’s mood. The Poro is the perfect choice for any modern man or women that has an adventurous side. It’s a gorgeous way to keep the iPad covered and secure.

The Kara

With a sleek and simple design, the orange Kara creates a positive, warm aura around the iPad.

The Pango

This luxurious, sophisticated black case is professional, but the pop of bright green provides a bit of fun. It’s the perfect accessory—businesslike, without taking itself too seriously.

Pricing and availability

All cases in the leather series are £49 and are available now from amazon.co.uk.

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