Technology can get you fit and healthy in 2013

Technology can get you fit and healthy for 2013

With the Christmas season well under way the extra inches around the waist and pounds on the scales are slowly increasing. With at least two weeks of over indulgence you need to start thinking about how you will undo the damage in 2013.

For any budding gadgeteer technology is here to make our lives easier or more fun. Let’s be honest, few of us find exercise fun but it is a necessity, so if you have to do it why not use some of the latest technology to help you along the way?

Below are a selection of ‘gadgets’ you can use to help improve your general well-being in 2013.

Arctic gym mat

The Arctic Gym is the interactive gaming mat that gets you moving and burning off those Christmas calories. This all-in-one gaming system offers a wide range of games and exercises to entertain you and your family. With 30 sensor fields on-hand to detect your position on the mat precisely and display your movements on the TV screen. A two player mode is also available on some games. Price: £45.35

E80 E-Cigarette Starter Kit

New year, new you. The turn of every year witnesses smokers around the globe vowing to give up their expensive habit. The E80 E-Cigarette Starter Kit is the ideal introduction to electronic smoking containing everything you need to start ‘E-Liting’. This starter kit includes the equivalent of 80 tobacco cigarettes, a rechargeable G9 battery and a practical USB charger.

The E80 E-Cigarette starter kit is available in Reds (Regular) Golds (Lights) or Greens (Menthol). Price: £23.96

Garmin Forerunner 10 Watch

The Forerunner 10 watch by Garmin is ideal for anyone who wants to keep track of their speed, rhythm, distance covered and calories burned whilst running. With a Virtual Partner mode it is compatible with Garmin Connect, where you can share and analyse your details and progress online with other users. In addition the watch is waterproof to 50 metres and features a customisable screen. The Garmin Forerunner 10 is available in black, pink or lime green. Price: £98.52

BEURER GS58 - Bathroom Scales

If you are going to have to face the facts of an over indulgent Christmas you may as well do it whilst looking at a high quality set of bathroom scales. The Beurer GS58 features a cockpit design with dual analogue and digital display. These scales feature a memory function for comparable weighing results and are accurate to the nearest 100 grams. Price: £33.46

All of these items can be purchases from the online retailer WAE+ -

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