REVIEW: Maroo Otago – A stylish, leather case for your Apple Wireless Keyboard

The Otago from Maroo is high quality leather case for use with the genuine Apple wireless keyboard. This black, flip-top case offers two typing positions and corner straps to hold the folio shut.

Like many people nowadays I live my life ‘online’ – my laptop never used to leave my side always being packed up for holidays and weekends away on a ‘just-in-case’ basis (much to my girlfriends annoyance!). However, since owning an iPad I find that many tasks I used to complete with my laptop can now be dealt with by my iPad. One of my biggest frustrations was typing using the on-screen keyboard so with that in mind I purchased the Apple wireless keyboard which was a great addition to my gadget armoury, but then I just needed a case which would compliment the look and functionality offered by the keyboard – introducing the ‘Otago’ from Maroo.

Otago Maroo Apple keyboard case

First impressions

The Otago from Maroo offers excellent protection to your bluetooth Apple keyboard. The case is made from a high quality leather and when not in use the elastic straps keep the case securely shut and stops the keyboard getting damaged in my bag.

The keyboard attaches to the case via 3 restraining clips; one in each bottom corner and another along the top. Utilising Maroo’s unique ‘SG Bumper Technology’ (see video at the foot of the page) the case will protect your keyboard in the unfortunate event of it being dropped. As an aside the way the clips function and secure your keyboard also works well visually as it gives the appearance of the keyboard being part of the case and adds to the high quality look and feel.

Otago Maroo Apple keyboard case

The Otago offers two typing positions; the first is a simple flat keyboard by opening the case up and leaving the top flat. The second position is attained by folding the top of the case behind the keyboard and gives you a more angled typing position – one which I prefer.


I liked this case a lot and would thoroughly recommend it. One thing you may notice from other reviews is that I really do like to look after my gadgets the best I can – with cases such as this I can be comfortable in the fact that I can chuck the keyboard into my bag knowing that it won’t get damaged.

As a side note one thing that has always bugged me about technology is that as soon as a product becomes popular the market is flooded by cheap, ill-fitting cases etc. I have, in the past been stung myself but it’s good to know that products such as the Otago are available and can be picked up at a sensible price.

The Otago from Maroo has a RRP of £54.99 and is available from

Introducing the Maroo Otago Apple Wireless Keyboard Cover


Introducing SG Bumper™ Technology


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