koubachi wi-fi-plant sensor review

REVIEW: Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor

What is it?

Well, the tagline from Koubachi is ‘Give your plant a voice’ and that actually explains it pretty well.

The Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor is a device which is inserted into the soil of a pot plant or planter. The bottom half of the sensor registers the moisture of the soil whilst the top half measures the light and temperature and also houses the batteries (2 x AA) and Wi-Fi radio. The plant sensor is a very well designed piece of equipment – in total it’s about six inches in length and does resemble a golf club (1 wood). Currently it only has a native App for the iPhone – however there is a Web App available for other devices.

How does it work?

It’s extremely easy for a start. To begin with you need to download the App from iTunes, then once you have clicked a few options you just have to pair the sensor – you do this by pressing the only button on the hardware. Then you have to go through the App setup (once you have created an account with Koubachi) – this involves selecting the type of plant you are attempting to keep alive. You can do this by either typing in its generic name (or latin equivalent) however, if you don’t know what type of plant it is you can go through a selection process which involves choosing the leaf type, size, colour, etc. Once the plant has been selected you are provided with plenty of information which should give even the least green fingered among us a chance of keeping the thing alive.

Koubachi iphone app

Living with it

Once you are all setup the device will take a week to stabilise and get all of the relevant readings. Once this has been done you can, if you choose to run through the process with additional pot plants – but note you then won’t get ‘live’ updates, this is only possible by leaving the device in the ‘paired’ pot plant. If you decide to just run with the one plant the sensor will keep you updated as and when optimum temperature, light and / or moisture changes.

The device can be setup to email you or ‘push’ notifications through the App (iOS) – so anywhere you have data connection you can keep an eye on your pot plants.

koubachi analyse plants


The idea behind it is great and if you are a keen gardener you could get some real use out of the product. The pairing process is relatively simple however I did have some challenges using the iPhone App on an iPad (v4) so resorted back to the phone where it worked fine. The list of plants available is reasonably extensive however I was disappointed I couldn’t find my Blue Spruce (Christmas tree) on it – but this also comes down to plant knowledge as there may well be a very similar tree which I could have used.

The initial setup takes about a week to get accurate measurements so if you have a lot of plants this could take you some time to get through them all – in an ideal world you would have a device for each pot plant but at about £100 per device this more than likely won’t be possible. One thing I did like from the App was the ability to track multiple plants and create a ‘virtual’ garden – this helps you keep an eye on all your greens and will remind you when they generally need watering etc if they are not receiving live updates from the sensor.

Basically if you like technology and have green fingers this is a great little device which does exactly what it sets out to achieve. Please note that the sensor reviewed was for indoor use only however an outdoor version is also available.

For more information visit www.koubachi.com

4 Responses to “REVIEW: Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor”
  1. I don`t think this would be useful to a keen gardener, as most obsessed gardeners have millions of plants. I can`t imagine sticking one of these into every single one of the plants you own if you have much more than twenty or so.

    • I appreciate what you’re saying – but not sure it would be aimed at those types of gardeners. The ‘obsessed’ ones probably wouldn’t need such a device to assist them.
      However, what can be done is setup the device for a particular flower bed and it could still ‘help’ with notifications in regards to moisture etc.

      • Hmm, I hadn`t thought of it for a whole flower bed. That would make sense.

        I wasn`t particularly thinking of responsible gardeners, just those that have lots of plants. There`s a huge difference between those two!

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