how do you install beta apps on your android device

How do you install ‘beta’ Apps on your Android device?

Did you know you can easily install ‘beta’ version of apps on any Android device?

Surprisingly this is an extremely easy process. All you need to do is visit the Google Play store via a browser (NOT with the app on your device) – from the drop down menu select ‘Shop Android Apps’ then search using the term ‘beta’. Then you will have a long list of apps available to download that are currently in their beta stage – see the list here: Beta Apps. Just click on the app you are interested in then choose the ‘install’ option and it will be downloaded directly to your selected device.

So why would you want to download a beta version of an app?

In most instances the beta version of the app is the final release before the ‘app’ is published. As a user this gives you the opportunity to get your hands on the latest version of an app and play with all of the new features before it is officially published in Google Play. Just be aware that due to its ‘beta’ status that some minor bugs and performance issues may exist.


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