With EE  currently running a monopoly on the 4G network their price plans to date haven’t been what you would call competitive. Previously the top plan on offer was for a meagre 8GB of superfast data per month – and with download speeds of up to 50Mb/s that really isn’t likely to last you very long.

However, EE has now announced new selection of 4GEE promotional price plans that will hopefully quench the thirst of data hungry mobile users – the special prices will be available from the 31st January to 31st March.

To quote EE directly “….after listening to customers, EE will be launching a new plan offering 20GB of mobile data. The plan addresses a small number of ‘super-users’ (currently fewer than 1% of 4G customers), who have shown a desire to use more than the 8G of mobile data that is currently available on EE’s largest 4GEE plan.

The 20GB plan, which is rolling out across retail channels from today, will be available on a 12 month SIM-only plan at a special rate of £46 per month for the full length of the plan if they sign-up between now and the 28 February. The bundle comes with unlimited UK calls and texts and is also available with the very latest 4G handsets for £61 per month on a 24 month plan to customers who sign-up by 28th February.

EE is also introducing a new SIM-Only 12 month 8GB plan for £41 per month.”

This is a 150% increase on the current data plans and will no doubt go somewhere to appeasing high data users – which let’s be honest what is the point of having a 4G phone if you are not utilising the super quick download speeds?

In addition to this EE have also announced a £31 per month price-plan (on a 24 month plan) where you can get unlimited UK calls and texts, and 500MB of mobile data, as well as the option to choose from a range of 4G smartphones for a one-off fee such as the HTC One SV LTE or Nokia Lumia 820 which are available from just £29.99 (a saving of £90 on existing EE deals). Customers who are travelling abroad and signed up to a 24 month plan can also take their unlimited calls and texts with them to select destinations for just £5 more per month. You can also get the same package on a 12 month plan for only £41 per month.

Pippa Dunn, Chief Marketing Officer at EE, said: “It’s our aim to offer consumers the most comprehensive range of 4GEE price plans. With these new options we’re looking to not only make 4G smartphones even more accessible, but offer even greater value for the small number of super-users out there – ensuring EE really does offer a package that’s tailored for all customers 4G needs.”

In addition to superfast speeds, EE customers will also benefit from:

  • EE Film – the UK film service that combines 2 for 1 cinema ticketing, listings, trailers, film downloads and streaming in one place
  • EE Wi-Fi – access to millions of wireless hotspots across the UK, at no extra cost
  • Discounted superfast EE fibre broadband – so they can enjoy blistering speeds at home and on the move

EE claim that their 4G service will be available in 35 towns and cities by the end of March 2013, and if they keep this promise it will bring superfast speeds to even more consumers and businesses across the UK.

Full details on the new promotional plans, including terms and conditions, will be available shortly in EE shops as well as on

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