Libratone brings you the ultimate in portable speakers for Android and Windows devices

With gorgeous looks and amazing sound, Libratone brings you the ultimate in portable speakers for Android and Windows devices

Libratone has announced a software update that will increase the performance and versatility of the Libratone Zipp, Live and Lounge wireless speakers across multiple device platforms, as well as enhancing the product lineup’s existing capabilities for the Apple iOS.

Users of Android and Windows mobile can now see, hear and feel the attractive design and audiophile-grade sounds of the Libratone range of wireless speakers, which have been available since 2011 for consumers with iPhones and iPads. These software updates also extends to PlayDirect technology, originally developed for the Libratone Zipp, Libratone Live and Lounge, enabling the speakers to work without the need for a Wi-Fi network.

“This update underscores our commitment to continually innovate our products, deliver uncompromising quality and expand our customers’ options for making the most of their music,” says Tommy Andersen, CEO of Libratone. “The very essence of Libratone is freedom, and through this update many more people will be able to set their music free.”

Research from IDC indicates that the market for wireless audio equipment is likely to top $4.5 billion by 2015. Whilst the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets is feeding this increased demand for portable, high-quality, wireless speakers.

Libratone’s wireless speakers were first designed to work only with Apple’s iPhone and iPad but now also support DLNA technology – a widely supported industry standard. This extends compatibility to Android and Windows devices, enabling them to stream music to Libratone’s speakers through any in-home Wi-Fi network. Part of the new update is also a Libratone Android app, which will be available for download in February 2013.

PlayDirect works in conjunction with both AirPlay and DLNA technology, creating a direct Wi-Fi connection between the Libratone wireless speaker and any compatible device. Whether connected through Airplay, DLNA or using PlayDirect,

The update is applicable to the current family of Libratone wireless speakers and includes improved sound performance on all three units:

Libratone Zipp – It leaves the house

Libratone Zipp Family

The fashionable Libratone Zipp gives you the freedom of music anywhere, anytime. Featuring an built-in battery and leather handle with inter-changeable wool covers in eight vivid colors to suit all tastes. The Libratone Zipp was recently named an International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards Honoree 2013, and has also received a 2013 iF product design award.

Libratone Live – It moves around in the house

Libratone Live Row

Winner of the CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award 2012 and the Good Design Award 2012, the Libratone Live is a versatile and powerful wireless sound system. FullRoom™ technology eliminates the so-called sweet spot and gives you a 360° sound experience. In other words, you only need one speaker to fill a room with fantastic sound.

Libratone Lounge – It owns the house

Libratone Lounge

Good Design Award 2012 winner, Libratone Lounge TV sound bar is true hi-fi replacement for your living room and is a perfect match for the television. It combines advanced technology with five dedicated amplifiers to enhance movie and music experiences, and the minimalistic Scandinavian design makes the sound system add to the decor.

Download the Libratone iPhone app here:


Libratone Live – £449.95 (New price reduction due to improved production costs)

Libratone Lounge – £1,099.00 (Available in a range of five handpicked colors made from exclusive Italian wool)

Libratone Zipp – £329.99 (With changeable wool covers and rechargeable battery comes in 3-pack-color boxes with two extra wool zip-on covers included)

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