REVIEW: SuperTooth DISCO 2 - Portable wireless stereo speaker

REVIEW: SuperTooth DISCO 2 – Portable wireless stereo speaker

With the abundance of portable wireless speakers currently available I am always keen to get my hands on them to see how they stack up against the competition. With choice, comes decisions – you can now pick up a portable speaker for under £10 and they can go all the way up to many hundreds of pounds.

Like most consumers, when I am looking at a new product I compare the quality of it against the cost – so let’s be honest for under a tenner we aren’t really expecting much but as the price starts to increase we are looking for better quality and more features. Back  in October (2012) The Digital Sock reviewed the Jabra SOLEMATE - this  impressed us immensely however with a price point of circa £150 it doesn’t come cheap.

This brings me nicely to the DISCO 2 from SuperTooth, with an RRP of £79.99 this fits into the ‘impulse purchase’ price point. But what do you get for your money? Well quite a lot actually. For a start this is a stereo speaker, it may not look it but there is two speakers hidden behind the fascia (the bass is dealt with in the rear of the unit), Bluetooth 4.0 / A2DP comes as standard so you can control your music via the speaker. Attempting to pair the speaker with a HTC ONE X and iPad proved to be a doddle. In addition to the wireless connectivity there is also an audio jack for 3.5mm inputs so you will do well to find something that will not work with this device in one way or another.

SuperTOOTH DISCO 2 - Green - Pink - Red

The DISCO 2 is available in a variety of colours (red, pink, green, blue, grey and black) so there will more than likely be one available to suit whatever your taste or style. The speaker stands at around 18cms and weights just over half a kilo, so as the title suggests it is certainly portable and won’t weigh down your bags too much. The speaker will take a full charge in around two hours and can maintain the power for up to four hours if running at maximum volume – I didn’t test this statement but from using it regularly at a lower volume the speaker certainly lasted a good 8 to 10 hours. The Bluetooth range is very impressive, SuperTooth advises that it is 10 metres and I certainly wouldn’t dispute this fact – even through thick walls the speaker worked as you would expect.

For £80 you certainly get a a lot of speaker for you money, and one which has some excellent features. The speaker is built to a high quality and has a very good battery and consistent Bluetooth connection – so that just leaves the sound quality.

Overall I was impressed – the DISCO 2 when played at full volume did give the impression of a slight drop in clarity but when played at a ‘normal’ level the music was nice and clear. Both Rock and Dance music performed well as did voice via an audiobook. The bass and treble are both more than acceptable and the unit should be powerful enough to fill a small room with your favourite music.

The DISCO 2 is certainly going to be a vast improvement on both quality and volume levels compared to your tablets and mobile phones built-in speakers – and this would be an ideal portable speaker to use in a kitchen or bedroom. In addition, due to its size and weight it could as easily be taken out and about and used in the park or at the beach.

The SuperTooth DISCO 2 is certainly a speaker that I would recommend, okay the sound quality and volume isn’t up there with the likes of the Jabra Solemate or the Jawbone Jambox but then neither is the price – the DISCO 2 comes in at nearly half the cost (£79.99) of the afore-mentioned speakers and as such for the money this offers great value.

Buy it, wait for the sun and let the world enjoy your music!


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