Libratone launches app for Android devices

Libratone now makes it even easier for Android users to access amazing sounds through their new app that allows  you to control their range of award-winning wireless speakers via touchscreen simplicity. The Libratone application, developed exclusively for Libratone Live, Lounge and Zipp speakers, is available to download now via the Google Play store.

The free app, which expands Libratone’s app catalogue to both Android and iOS, moves sound control to your mobile device and features:

  • Simple WiFi network setup for Libratone speakers
  • Customisation of a specific speaker’s name for easy recognition
  • Volume control through the mobile device via an AUX connection, which also has a lock setting to prevent curious children from adjusting the volume unnecessarily
  • Unique and unprecedented FullRoom Optimisation, which lets users enhance and customise the Libratone FullRoom experience. A 360-degree sound experience is produced by a single sound source.

By feeding the app information on the placement of your sound system it automatically adjusts the sound to fit your room accordingly. Voicing functionality offers a variety of different voicings to adapt the sound of the speaker to the type of music played. For example, hip-hop often demands a booming bass quality, while opera benefits from absolute vocal clarity, from a low range to a high range.

The free Libratone Android app works with version 2.3.3 onwards and has been developed exclusively for Libratone Live, Lounge and Zipp speakers – the app is available now via the Google Play store.

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