Project Glass from Google

What will it be like to use Project Glass from Google?

Project Glass – the more I see of this the more I am impressed and cannot wait for its launch. I have been watching with interest since the project was first rumoured and if it lives up to its hype Google could be onto a winner. However, with what will be a potentially ground breaking piece of technology – for many of us this augmented reality device from Google will be out of reach when it is first launched due to its rumoured £1,000 price tag.

To keep us wanting more Google have released a video showcasing the UI and it looks pretty impressive. In addition to getting a first person perspective the video showcases a number of other features that will be available via the device including; on-lens directions, voice controlled messages, notifications and web searching. This all looks pretty cool – but I guess the proof on how good it actually is will be coming soon…


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