Review booq boa courier

REVIEW: Booq Boa Courier

Whilst modern tablets are proving more and more useful we are yet to be in a position where it can truly replace  a laptop (the Microsoft Surface being the closest yet…). If like me you need (want?) to have access to both your laptop and tablet you need a bag capable of storing both and doing so safely. Which brings me nicely onto to Booq…

Booq is a leading manufacturer of laptop bags, backpacks and iPad carrying cases and have recently launched a new range of messenger bag – the ‘Boa courier’. The Boa courier is available in three variants:

  • 10″ – Boa courier 10, graphite (£83.29) designed for iPad and other 10″ tablets
  • 13″ – Boa courier 13, graphite (£99.97) designed for 13″ laptops and tablet
  • 15″ – Boa courier 15, graphite (£108.30) designed for 15″ laptops and tablets

For the review we will taking a closer look at the ‘Boa courier 13, graphite.

booq boa courier

On first impressions the bag looks sleek, well designed and measures in at a reasonably compact 365mm x 245mm x 25mm whilst weighing just 0.91 kg (2 lbs). The messenger bag uses ’1680D nylon’ for its exterior which is finished in a rather stylish graphite colour whilst also boasting waterproof qualities. The bag also features light grey piping around the edges which adds some subtle styling with the addition of being reflective.

Being a messenger bag its primary style is to be used in an over the shoulder fashion whilst choosing if you want to go for the removable shoulder pad option. The bag can also be ‘hung’ across your back where-in the strap will go diagonally across your chest, depending on which style you prefer or find more comfortable. Unusually you are also provided with an additional cross-body strap – when you are using the bag in the traditional messenger style this strap goes under your arm and connects up the front and back strap – this I guess add some additional security to the bag as it would make it more difficult to be pulled off of your shoulder. Finally the bag contains a briefcase style handle if that’s your thing.

booq boa courier internal

Inside the bag there is an abundance of storage, the largest compartment is designed to house your laptop and is finished with a soft brushed fibre like material which also includes a velcro strap for extra support. Nylon herringbone is used for the rest of the spacious interior which has enough storage space for a full-size tablet, smartphone, pen and another pocket which could easily house a 7″ tablet. The front of the bag has a zipped compartment to keeps odds and ends whilst there is further storage on the back. The opening flap is held in place by two adjustable plastic buckles.

Every Booq bag features a unique Terralinq serial tag attached to the inside of the bag. The theory behind this is that you register your bag on-line with the one-off barcode, then ‘if’ you lose your bag – the finder can follow the instructions on the tag and visit with the intention of you being re-united with your lost property. Great idea in principle…

booq boa courier rear

So what did I think? Well I have had laptop bags in the past but always felt that once you have put the laptop in everything else was a bit of an afterthought so it always felt like it was bursting at the seams. The Boa courier was a delight to live with, after using it for a week or so I really liked it. I had previously been using a backpack with individual cases for both my laptop and iPad which were then chucked into the bag and off I went. The devices although generally well looked after were always susceptible to knocks and bashes, and people barging into you. However, I always felt slightly more comfortable when they were in the Boa courier that they were just that little more protected and also in a bag which was designed for exactly this. I tried both carrying methods but felt more comfortable using the traditional messenger style, I did give the cross-body strap a go but wasn’t overly keen on it so that has since been left at home. The easily accessible pocket at the back was very useful as although it isn’t covered it could house a tablet and mobile phone, this makes it extremely easy to access on the go without having to open the bag up. The bag felt very well made and after a few days use still looked as good as new.

The Boa courier range is simply targeted at anyone who has a need for a laptop / tablet bag. With the abundance of storage on offer I would think it would work well for students, businessman or just as an everyday bag. The stylish nature (but not over the top fashionable) makes it feasible to work in most situations and would look at home with a suit as it would with a pair of jeans and a hoodie.

All I can say is if you are on the market for a new laptop or tablet bag give the Boa courier a moment of your time, I very much doubt you will be disappointed.

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