Get creative with the optimised Bamboo Stylus feel for Samsung Galaxy Note

Get creative with the optimised Bamboo Stylus feel for Samsung Galaxy Note

Wacom have announced an updated version of the Bamboo Stylus feel. The stylus, initially launched in December 2012 has been optimised to make the most of the features available to users of the Samsung Galaxy Note range of devices.

Wacom’s range of styli are ideal if you like to draw, sketch or take notes on your phone or tablet. The styli ‘talks to the device’ via electromagnetic resonance (EMR) technology which allows highly precise communication between the active pen and a special sensor which is built into a number of mobile phones and tablets.

The technology works by simply applying different amount of pressure to the styli, if you want a thicker line you simply press harder, alternatively for a thinner line you apply less pressure. Most smartphones and tablets can differentiate up to 512 pressure levels (and some even more). Additionally, the Bamboo Stylus feel has a button to the side of the pen body that can be customised inside the application on the smartphone or tablet.

Availability and pricing

The updated stylus is available in black and white and is priced at €39.90 (incl. VAT) and is available from May 2013 onwards at Wacom’s eStore. The Bamboo Stylus feel comes with both a soft and a firm nib in the package; allowing you to choose your preferred style (the idea of which is meant to replicate different strength pencils when used on paper).

For the latest and complete list of compatible mobile devices for the Bamboo Stylus feel please check the information at:

Information about the Bamboo Stylus family can be found at or at

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