REVIEW: Mikey digital – Record anytime, anywhere

The Mikey digital from Blue Microphones is an enhanced microphone attachment for your Apple mobile device including – iPhone,  iPad, iPad mini and the iPod touch.

What’s in the in the box:

  • The Mikey digital
  • A 3.5mm to 6.35mm jack socket adaptor
  • Soft storage pouch
  • And the obligatory instruction manual (for when all else fails!)

First impressions of the Mikey digital are very good, it looks great and feels extremely light so it doesn’t add much weight to the device you are intending to attach it to. The design of the Mikey digital also means it blends in nicely to the styling of the various Apples devices.

Setup and connecting it is easy - the Microphone plugs directly into your iOS device via its 30-pin dock connector (however you will need an adaptor for the more recent Lightning plug) the microphone will automatically be recognised as an audio device and off you go. A nice design features sees the connecting plug hinged against the microphone so you can move it through about 180 degrees which makes it easier when trying to aim the microphone at the source of the sound you are recording – it would work well in an interview situation when you could sit the device on a desk aimed at your subject.

When you connect the Mikey digital your device will automatically recognise it so all that is left to do is manually select your recording app – note that whilst the default Apple Voice Recorder will work it only records in mono so you might be best off looking for an alternative to make the most of the stereo recording offered by the Mikey digital.

Additionally the Mikey digital features a headphone socket which can also be used to connect directly to a sound source such as a musical instrument that features line out functionality. This allows you then to record directly into the device offering a far higher quality recording than you would normally be able to achieve.

The Mikey digital offers three levels of settings, you can easily select your desired option via a switch on the back of the unit. The first is designed for softer environments such as general chit-chat i.e. an interview. The second is for a louder environments such as a gig or sporting event, whilst the third and final setting is ‘automatic’ in which the Mikey digital will adjust itself to suit your surroundings for the best the best recording method.


The Mikey digital does offer high quality recording but you do need to keep control of the device, if you continually move your handset around whilst recording you will experience some issues as would be expected – however by keeping the microphone in a static position you will get some fantastic results.

To test the Mikey I used it to record my nephews playing around in the garden and it picked up every little sound including the various background noise of birds and the wind rustling the trees – it really was exceptional quality. To test the device in a louder environment I took it along to a Championship football match – and again the unit gave some very impressive results you could clearly make out the various chants including the ‘choice’ language offered by the various factions and also make out the players shouting on the pitch (my seat was pitch side). I was genuinely surprised and impressed that such a small device could offer such great results.

With its small form factor, and reasonable pricing I must admit to being extremely surprised as to how it can provide such high quality recordings, overall I was hugely impressed with what the Mikey digital had to offer. A microphone is always going to be a niche device – however if you are on the lookout for a product which will offer you high quality recordings for under £100 then I do not think you would be at all disappointed if you opted to purchase it.

To find out more visit the Blue Microphones website here:

The Mikey Digital is available now for £99.99 from PC World, Dixons, Currys, Apple and other consumer electronics retailers worldwide.

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