Interested in the weather? Then the Urban Weather Station is a must have!

Netatmo? Nope me neither. However if you are into weather (and if you’re English there is a very high chance you are!) they might just have a gadget that is worthy of your attention and hard-earned cash.

The Urban Weather Station is a device which allows you to measure both the weather and surrounding environment indoors and out.

Urban Weather Station Samsung S3

In the box you get two modules (weather stations) one to be used indoors and the other to be placed in your garden or similar you then simply connect the modules to your smartphone via Wi-Fi making use of the free App (supporting iPhone, iPad and Android) and you are then given a near endless stream of environmental data. More specifically the Urban Weather Station will provide you with detailed information on the following environmental factors including:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Noise
  • CO2
  • Barometric pressure

This data is then fed through directly to your relevant smartphone App which features an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

“Air quality and weather conditions are a daily concern for city residents around the globe,” said Fred Potter, CEO, Netatmo. “By integrating Air Quality sensors into an easy-to-use Personal Weather Station, specifically designed for iPhone, iPad & Android Devices, we’re able to help users improve their indoor wellness and adapt their outdoor activities – creating a better way of life for everyone.”

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One of its key innovative features is its ability to evaluate indoor air confinement by measuring CO2 concentration. When COreaches an excessive level, the user is alerted directly on an iPad, iPhone or Android devices and can take action such as ventilating the home.

The Air Quality conditions reported by the Netatmo App also allow you to assess the best times for outdoor physical activity, when to commute via train or foot versus drive to work and more – all instances where Air Quality could potentially have a detrimental affect on your general health and well-being.

All data received by the modules is stored online and you will have a lifetime of access to a free online account whereby you can review all historic data and compare like for like readings.

Additionally, Netatmo allows users to contribute to its Urban Weather Program, creating a wider network for weather data monitoring and pooling to help meteorologists, environmental activists, scientists and people living in urban environments gain a better understanding of the city climate landscape and how it is changing. The Netatmo community already spreads across more than 75 countries, all collecting weather and environment data which can be shared. The Netatmo Network has the potential  to become a crucial resource for climate change research and all you have to do to help is share your data – easy!

Urban Weather Station Modules iPad and iPhone

Other functions of the Urban Weather Station include a detailed seven-day forecast and a light indicator for reading COlevels. The Urban Weather Station can even detect sound to make sure average noise levels in the home remain at a healthy balance – not good when you have young children about although it might be interesting to see just how noisy they can be.

The shell for both modules, constructed from a single piece of durable aluminum, features a smooth, clean design. The indoor and outdoor modules are powered by the included USB wall Adapter and 4 AAA batteries, respectively, and come packaged with a wall mount kit for outdoor installation.

Urban Weather Station box

Netatmo’s Urban Weather Station is available now for £159 at www.netatmo.com. The Netatmo App is available for free on the App Store for the iPhone /iPad, and Google Play for the Android version.

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