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Kinomap fitness App for iPhone – Shift the baby weight by virtually running the London marathon or cycling the French Alps

The Kinomap Fitness app is ideal for any busy parent looking to incorporate a quick and easy exercise regime into their day that can be done without even having to leave the house. Kinomap Fitness is a smartphone and tablet app that enables you to virtually exercise to videos of outdoor cycling, running and rowing routes such as the London Marathon or even Disneyland Paris. With in excess of 25,000km of routes available, the app is ideal for parents that have access to gym equipment (exercise bike, running machine or rowing machine) and want to add a bit of variety and challenge to what could otherwise be a boring indoor workout.

When used in conjunction with ANT+ receivers and sensors that wirelessly collect and transfer data, other factors such as speed and stride power can be monitored. These features allow you to synchronise your own performance with the video, pedaling at resistance/rate to keep up with the moving icon. If there is a hill, you better put some more effort in to ensure that you maintain the speed of the video. The video will pause or catch-up when a preset gap is reached if you fall behind or race ahead.

During your workout, the tablet or smartphone screen displays up to five panels, including a map featuring a moving icon showing you your position in a terrain or a satellite view, the elevation profile and the video itself.

Fancy a challenge?

The option of a multiplayer mode allows you to train with up to four friends. Each ‘player’ will be displayed on the map with their own unique avatar and voice chat so that you can help motivate each other whilst competing, with the multiplayer feature everyone can track their progress to assist with re-gaining a six pack that celeb mum Beyonce would be proud of!

Pricing and availability

Available now from Apple’s app store, Kinomap Fitness is available on subscription, costing £7.99 a month or £49.99 per year. Kinomap Fitness is free to use when training on users own videos.

If you have iTunes, follow this link to download the app –

Create and share favourite videos on the Kinomap platform

Kinomap’s video-sharing platform encourages contributions from people who are passionate about sharing their favourite outdoor training videos with the rest of the world. Kinomap attracts contributors from 30 countries and has around 10,000 videos covering around 25,000 kilometres of track. As all videos are GPS-located, contributions to the platform should be shot with either Kinomap Maker – a free iPhone app that makes use of the smartphone’s internal GPS sensor, a GPS-enabled camera from manufacturers such as Contour and ION or a ‘regular’ camera such as a GoPro used in conjunction with a GPS enabled device (such a GPS app or GPS watch).

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