The Amazing Spiderman 2 trailer – featuring Rhino, Electro, Harry Osborn and Norman Osborn

The Amazing Spiderman 2 is due for release in the summer of 2014 and it is looking like it could well be a worthy sequel in the rebooted franchise.

One thing to note is just how many villains will Spidey be facing? Based on the evidence so far, we have:

  • A very blue looking Electro (Jamie Foxx) would appear to be the main protagonist.
  • The Rhino played by Paul Giamatti who appears to be wearing some kind of mech suit, is this the start of him becoming the true ‘Rhino’? Some sort of transformation involving fusion?
  • A very emo looking Harry Osborn (Dane De Hann) who, from the trailer suggests he makes an appearance as  the Hobgoblin
  • Norman Osborn (was he the man in the hat at the end of the first film) who appears to be very ill, but does this mean that the Green Goblin will feature?
  • Vulture – from the trailer you could see, what clearly looks like his wings in the Oscorp science labs next to…
  • Doctor Octopus, again in the same scene you could see what clearly looks like the ‘harnesses’ that the Doc would wear.

Outside of the trailer ‘Shocker’ has also been mentioned and let’s not forget our old friend / foe Dr Curt Connors aka ‘The Lizard’ is still lurking about somewhere.

So with the evidence to date, will the Sinister Six make an appearance? Or is this being built up for a future sequel?

Watch the trailer for yourself below…

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