What is DNS and how does it work?

What is DNS and how does it work?

To enable computers to ‘talk’ to one another they use a series of numbers referred to as an IP addresses. An IP address is numerical in nature and works as your ‘digital address’ and allows a computer (or similar devices such as phones, tablets etc.) to send information to one another. Computers have an advantage is that they can easily remember a long string of numbers (the IP address), however for most of us we would struggle to recall each and everyone on a daily basis.

Say hello to DNS…

When you enter a web address into your browser the computer routes the domain address (i.e. www.google.co.uk) through what is known as Domain Name Systems (DNS) and turns the familiar www.google.co.uk into an IP Address which in this case would be: (cut and paste the IP address into your browser and see for yourself).

So simply put the DNS is what allows us humans to remember URLs. Much easier than an IP address don’t you think?

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