Beep’nGo – keep all your loyalty, gift & membership cards on your smartphone!

What makes a great app? Go to any appstore and you’ll be inundated with the latest and not necessarily the greatest app just desperate for you to download it. You’ll use it and then quite possibly lose it. To make you keep coming back for more it has to offer you something whether that is entertainment or making your life that little bit easier.

Beep’nGo from Mobeam definitely makes my life that little bit easier and is possibly my new favourite app. Being the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 space in my pockets is at a premium and anything that can help me make a bit more room is appreciated. And this is where Beep’nGo from Mobeam comes in.

Currently exclusive to Android and specifically the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 handsets, Beep’nGo allows you to scan in all of your loyalty, gift and membership cards to your smartphone and ‘beam’ them straight into the scanners at your favourite supermarket.

So why do you need Mobeam? What can’t you just take a picture of your store card on any handset?

Well existing laser scanners are not able to scan barcodes from your smartphone’s screen and nor can they read QR codes. Mobeam solves both of these problems by using a blinking light to beam barcodes and trust me it works!

So what do you have to do?

  • Open up the app and click on the ‘+’
  • Use the viewfinder to scan the barcode from your card
  • The app will beep when the card has scanned successfully
  • You can now ‘name’ the card and choose if it’s a gift or loyalty card
  • You can now take a picture of the front of the card which will be displayed in the menu

And that’s it, just repeat the process to accommodate all of your cards and just feel how much lighter it’s made your wallet.

Then, the next time you are in your ‘favourite’ supermarket open up the app and from the main menu select the picture of the card you want to use. The handset will vibrate whilst ‘beaming’ the signal – now point the screen at the laser scanner and job done! It really is that simple and trust me it works, to date I have successfully used the app with a variety of store cards including Nectar, My Waitrose, Tesco Clubcard and the Co-operatives membership card.

It genuinely is one of those apps that just works and does actually make life that little bit easier. It never fails to start a conversation with the cashier and I even get recognised by some of the staff who remember me using it and are genuinely interested how it works.

Watch the video below to see the technology behind the app and exactly how it works:


You can download the app via Google Play here or find out more on the Mobeam website.

2 Responses to “Beep’nGo – keep all your loyalty, gift & membership cards on your smartphone!”
  1. Mark says:

    Just wondering is it safe to use on the scanners at shops because a woman at my local coles told me that it can make mobiles explode or some crap like that, has it been tested over and over again on the same mobile I have used it atleast 5x and it’s been fine but her saying that has made me think twice about doing it

  2. Angela says:

    The app takes the front pic and then freezes… nothing more happens. I get out and the pic has not been saved. Any suggestions???

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