The domain google.com was first registered in September 1997? Click here for more facts and figures

Did you know that the domain google.com was first registered on 15th September, 1997? Or, that Google purchased Youtube in November 2006?

It’s hard to imagine the web without Google, it seems like they have been there from the start but in reality that is far from the case. However, what can’t be denied is their insurmountable growth in such a short period of time to being ‘the’ king of the internet. With their fingers in many, many pies it is often that despite being a search engine – Google, is at its core an advertising company. A very, very successful advertising company.

The people over at DMR (Digital Marketing Ramblings) love stats and it is a website I visit pretty much daily and you should too. Apple, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter those guys love their statistics and lists but Google is the one that really jumps out at me. See the two lists compiled below to see just how much influence Google really has on the World Wide Web…

Some key dates in the history of Google:

  • 15th September, 1997 - www.google.com domain registered
  • 23rd October, 2000 - Google Adwords launched
  • 18th June, 2003 - Google AdSense launched*
  • 1st April, 2004 – Gmail launched into Beta
  • 13th November, 2006 – Google completes the purchase of Youtube
  • 13th April, 2007 – Google purchases DoubleClick
  • September 2008 – The G1, the first Android based smartphone is released
  • 2nd September, 2008 Google Chrome is launched
  • 27th May, 2010 – Google buys Admob
  • 28th June, 2011 – Google comes late to the Social Media party with Google+

And some Google.com Stats:

  • As of October 2013 we are using Google to search the internet 12.477 billion times PER MONTH!
  • November 2013 – 1.17 billion unique searches per month
  • October 2013 – Google controls 66.9% of the U.S. search market
  • Google receives 191.5 million unique visitors to its various sites
  • Google receives over 5,000 reconsideration requests per week!
  • Approximately 50% of Google searches are secure
  • In 2013 when Google suffered a 5 minute outage is was estimated that global internet traffic dipped by 40%
  • 56% of the internet suffers from vanity. That is the percentage of users who ‘Google’ themselves.
  • In September 2013 it was requested that Google remove 21.5 million URLs from its search
  • 87% of keywords to major news sites via Google are now classed as ‘not provided’
  • Google refers 46% of the traffic to major news sites from search

If that was enough to get you interested and you want to know more including just how many people are employed by Google click here.

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