What will a modern kid make of the original Sony Walkman cassette player?

The Sony Walkman is a brand that is very much still in existence, however technology has moved on a long way since its launch back in 1979. Few people at the time could of predicted its success and the way it would arguably transformed how music was listened to.

The cassette tape Sony Walkman sold in excess of 156 million units during its lifetime and whichever way you look at it that’s impressive, since then the only comparable device to have such a market and cultural impact is the Apple iPod.

And that comparison is what brings us on to the video ‘Kids React! Technology’. Modern kids are unlikely to have seen a cassette and even fewer would of ever used one. So it’s of no surprise that they struggle to comprehend how it might have worked.They can’t even see the point of it!

It will be interesting to see how different things are in another 35 years when in current times touchscreens are the norm and buttons themselves are scarce.

PS Some of the kids are a little irritating…

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