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REVIEW: The LE Littoral Folio: Made-to-Measure case for the iPad Air

be.ez, designer and manufacturer of sleek and stylish protective cases for laptops, Macbooks and iPads have recently launched a new range titled ‘LE Littoral’ encompassing Folio Cases for the iPad Air / iPad mini and protective sleeves and bags for the Macbook / Macbook Pro.

This is a ‘hands-on’ with the brand new Folio Case for the iPad Air named the ‘LE Littoral Folio’.

The name ‘LE Littoral’ is (according to be.ez) a tribute to the traditional blouse worn by seamen in Normandy, France. An odd choice you might say for a range of products aimed at the technology but let’s not digress.

The LE Littoral Folio is on first impressions a good looking case, it feels well constructed and definitely has a premium feel to it.


The outer layer  is made of a thick cotton canvas (rust in colour) and  features a polyurethane  backing plate which helps with the rigidity of the product. Additionally, to aid with protection there is a layer of memory foam which will absorb some shocks and knocks should you be unfortunate enough to drop your iPad whilst in the case.

I certainly wouldn’t go throwing it around to test it but you would expect your iPads screen to remain relatively unscathed should you drop it from a table top whilst enclosed in the case. 


The inside of the case is cream, with rust stitching and as you would expect there is a TPU holder with a support on each corner in which you would securely place your iPad – be.ez are keen to stress that the case is held together by high quality stitching as opposed to glue which you might find on some cheaper cases. These touches all add to the higher quality feel of the product and I must admit it does looks good. The colours and design certainly have a slightly more effeminate look to it, but I do think a male could pull this off. Just.


As you would expect the folio case has the in-built ability to both wake up and send the iPad to sleep when the case is opened or closed. This is pretty much a standard feature of any high quality case (and even some cheaper ones) and as expected it works at it should.

Summary of features:

  • Made-to-measure iPad folio with full access to all functions
  • iPad/iPad mini holder made from TPU soft plastic for shock absorption
  • Securely holds and protects your iPad Air
  • Cotton canvas with PU backing main body fabric and lighter cotton canvas lining
  • Auto-sleep and wake
  • 3 reading positions
  • 1 typing position
  • Dimensions:  240 x 169.5 x7.5mm
  • Weight: 469g

It’s hard to fault the case – whilst it offers nothing new or innovative you can’t argue with what it does well. It’s a case, it securely holds the iPad Air, it offers you a selection of viewing / reading positions and has the auto-sleep / wake functionality built in to the case. I liked the look and design of the case, however this is always subjective. So on that basis I would certainly recommend it, and at £34.99 you can’t really go wrong.

The be.ez LE Littoral is available now from Amazon and other online retailers with an RRP of £34.90

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