Watch how the Internet took over the World since 1994

Have you ever wondered which country was the first to go online? And which ones still remain unconnected today?

The globalpost.com has utilised data from the World Bank on internet usage to create these three animations highlighting uptake of usage since 1995.


Unsurprisingly it was very much the richer, more developed nations who were online first. This statement is very much supported by this second animation showing internet usage compared to income:


During the 2000s you can see some of the upper-middle income groups coming online and starting to catch up with the richer nations. However, half of the world – the ‘poorer nations’ were still barely connected as recently as 2012.

Internet growth in developing nations is very much on the up, with the advancement in wireless, mobile technologies the need for expensive physical infrastructures is no longer a necessity. As such, developing nations within East Asia have slowly been catching up with their Western counterparts with over a third (37%) of their population now online, edging closer to the 44% of Europe and Central Asia.


Unsurprisingly North America takes first place with the most users online. Oddly though there was a drop off in 2008 but this soon saw an increase once again from 2009 onwards.

It wasn’t until the late ’90s that the internet started to take a foothold in South and East Asia which massively under performs when compared to Central Asia.

It’s incredible to think that less than 25 years ago the internet was a very, very scarce tool. However, to see the incredible growth of this ‘new’ technology and how in this time it has become the ‘norm’ and part of our daily lives is just amazing.

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