Watch how the Internet took over the World since 1994


Have you ever wondered which country was the first to go online? And which ones still remain unconnected today? The has utilised data from the World Bank on internet usage to create these three animations highlighting uptake of usage since 1995. Unsurprisingly it was very much the richer, more developed nations who were online first. This […]

The domain was first registered in September 1997? Click here for more facts and figures


Did you know that the domain was first registered on September 15th, 1997? Or, that Google purchased YouTube in November 2006?

Google Chromecast announced for the UK?


Currys has stated that they are expecting to be selling the TV dongle from the 1st March, 2014 although the exact date is still be be confirmed.

Website buys users new PC rather than support IE7!


Browser support is a day-to-day issue in the digital world. Trying to ensure that your website is compatible with as many browsers as possible isn’t easy.

What is DNS and how does it work?

What is DNS and how does it work?

To enable computers to ‘talk’ to one another they use a series of numbers referred to as an IP addresses. An IP address is numerical in nature and works as your ‘digital address’ and allows a computer (or similar devices such as phones, tablets etc.) to send information to one another. Computers have an advantage […]

How do I download a copy of my Gmail and / or Calendar?


Many of us take it for granted that Gmail and Google Calendar just work. However, what would happen if you were to lose everything? All of your emails. Everything in your Calendar, take a moment and think. Scary isn’t it? In this day and age where data is king, you would be amazed at the […]

Just how does Google search work?


With over 60,000,000,000 (that’s trillion!) individual web pages the internet is a constantly growing behemoth. Google has the search market pretty well sown up across the world. Globally Google are responsible for about 70.91% of all searches across the world, with the Chinese web services company Baidu in second place with 16.5%. The chart below gives […]

Interested in the weather? Then the Urban Weather Station is a must have!


Netatmo? Nope me neither. However if you are into weather (and if you’re English there is a very high chance you are!) they might just have a gadget that is worthy of your attention and hard-earned cash. The Urban Weather Station is a device which allows you to measure both the weather and surrounding environment indoors and […]