The domain was first registered in September 1997? Click here for more facts and figures


Did you know that the domain was first registered on September 15th, 1997? Or, that Google purchased YouTube in November 2006?

Ever wondered where Apple source its raw materials and components?


Did you know that there is five companies in Britain which supply materials for the manufacture of Apple devices? David M. Barreda compiled this map from the Apple, Inc. “Suppliers List 2013,” which reports the major manufacturing locations of suppliers who provide raw materials and components or perform final assembly for Apple. Unsurprisingly the majority of […]

Beep’nGo – keep all your loyalty, gift & membership cards on your smartphone!


Beep’nGo from Mobeam definitely makes my life that little bit easier and is possibly my new favourite app.

Google Chromecast announced for the UK?


Currys has stated that they are expecting to be selling the TV dongle from the 1st March, 2014 although the exact date is still be be confirmed.

Smartphones – When were you last wowed by technology?


With new technology I want to be wowed. I want it to help make my life easier, improve on what I previously had, something that when I use it I am genuinely impressed.

Folio by Case Mate – Stylish protection for your Samsung S4

Folio by Case Mate - Samsung S4

The Folio is a slimline case and screen protector for the Samsung S4. Offering a simple, clean understated design the the case protects both the back and front of your phone.

Printed media dead? Well someone forgot to tell Motorola

Printed media dead? Well someone forgot to tell Motorola

An interactive advert, nothing new right? But this interactive advert for the Moto X handset from Motorola is in a magazine!

The ‘Sooner’ – Google’s first phone killed off by the iPhone

The 'Sooner' - Google’s first phone killed off by the iPhone

On the 29th June, 2007 Apple released their very first iPhone and with it killed off the never released ‘Google Sooner’. The Sooner was the very first mobile phone to be worked on by Google and this Blackberry-esque device is what they believed the market wanted. In addition to the full qwerty keyboard the device […]