Google Chromecast announced for the UK?


Currys has stated that they are expecting to be selling the TV dongle from the 1st March, 2014 although the exact date is still be be confirmed.

Smartphones – When were you last wowed by technology?


With new technology I want to be wowed. I want it to help make my life easier, improve on what I previously had, something that when I use it I am genuinely impressed.

Need some protection for your Blackberry Z10? Then Case-Mate can help

Blackberry Z10 Case-Mate range

Blackberry (formerly RIM) have taken a bit of a kicking in recent years with both lacklustre sales and handsets seeing them fall further behind the success of both iOS (Apple) and Android (Google). The new Blackberry Z10 is aiming to halt that slide which is arguably the best looking phone ever to be released by the […]