Awesome Star Wars Lego photography… It’s as simple as that


Vesa Lehtimäki is a photographer from Helsinki, Finland. He has one of the most amazing collection of photography on Flickr and if you are a fan of either Star Wars or Lego you are in for a treat.

Watch 30 minutes of lost Return of the Jedi footage from the original cut

lost Return of the Jedi footage

In the 1980′s Droid Works (a Lucasfilm spin-off company)  and the Convergence Corporation formed a joint venture and developed EditDroid. EditDrioid was a computerised analog NLE (non-linear editing system) and created as an attempt to move away from analog editing methods and on to the more technologically advanced digital format. Unfortunately the EditDroid system was never a commercial success […]

Star Wars Detours – You’ll either Love it or Hate it! George Lucas Strikes back with the help of Robot Chicken


It would appear that George Lucas is once again dabbling with his Star Wars empire (but this time he’s not alone…….). Fans across the globe will either be jumping for joy, or holding their heads in shame. STAR WARS DETOURS™ Trailer [youtube] Whenever a ‘new’ Star Wars project is announced it is met with […]