The domain was first registered in September 1997? Click here for more facts and figures


Did you know that the domain was first registered on September 15th, 1997? Or, that Google purchased YouTube in November 2006?

Google Chromecast announced for the UK?


Currys has stated that they are expecting to be selling the TV dongle from the 1st March, 2014 although the exact date is still be be confirmed.

REVIEW: Urban Weather Station

Urban Weather Station Review Masthead

In England the weather at best can be described as ‘middle of the road’. A little bit of rain here, a gale there – and just occasionally we get some sun, so when the opportunity came up to review the Urban Weather Station from netatmo I jumped at the chance. The thing is, with the […]

Gifts for the Gadget Loving Father


With Father’s Day fast approaching in the UK (Sunday June 16th – yes you do still have time to get a present!) what better way to show your love and respect by spending some of your hard earned cash on a nice new shiny gadget. Let’s face it, you probably have an unhealthy addiction to […]

Interested in the weather? Then the Urban Weather Station is a must have!


Netatmo? Nope me neither. However if you are into weather (and if you’re English there is a very high chance you are!) they might just have a gadget that is worthy of your attention and hard-earned cash. The Urban Weather Station is a device which allows you to measure both the weather and surrounding environment indoors and […]

Get creative with the optimised Bamboo Stylus feel for Samsung Galaxy Note

Get creative with the optimised Bamboo Stylus feel for Samsung Galaxy Note

Wacom have announced an updated version of the Bamboo Stylus feel. The stylus, initially launched in December 2012 has been optimised to make the most of the features available to users of the Samsung Galaxy Note range of devices. Wacom’s range of styli are ideal if you like to draw, sketch or take notes on your phone […]

REVIEW: Booq Boa Courier

Review booq boa courier

Whilst modern tablets are proving more and more useful we are yet to be in a position where it can truly replace  a laptop (the Microsoft Surface being the closest yet…). If like me you need (want?) to have access to both your laptop and tablet you need a bag capable of storing both and […]

Boa courier – Professional messenger bag for your laptop and tablet

Boa Courier from booq

In the market for a new messenger bag? Well, we might just have the answer…… Booq, who you may not be aware of is a manufacturer of premium laptop bags,backpacks and iPad carrying cases. Their latest release is a stylish messenger bag called the ‘Boa courier’. The Boa courier is available in three sizes specific […]