messenger end of life

Messenger end of life. It’s time to update to Skype.

After 14 years of service – in November 2012 Microsoft announced that they would be retiring Messenger across the globe (with the exception of mainland China) and from March 15, 2013 all users will be forced to migrate to Skype. First launched back in 1999 Microsoft created its own instant messaging (MSN Messenger) software to […]

koubachi launches in the us

Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensors launch for US Market in Apple Stores

Koubachi has launched its Wi-FI Plant Sensor for the US market in the Las Vegas Convention Center at the Consumer Electronics Show. Koubachi has been further developing its patent protected technology since September 2009 with the aim of allowing people to keep an eye on their plants over Wi-Fi – wherever they are in the […]

how do you install beta apps on your android device

How do you install ‘beta’ Apps on your Android device?

Did you know you can easily install ‘beta’ version of apps on any Android device? Surprisingly this is an extremely easy process. All you need to do is visit the Google Play store via a browser (NOT with the app on your device) – from the drop down menu select ‘Shop Android Apps’ then search […]

koubachi wi-fi-plant sensor review

REVIEW: Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor

What is it? Well, the tagline from Koubachi is ‘Give your plant a voice’ and that actually explains it pretty well. The Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor is a device which is inserted into the soil of a pot plant or planter. The bottom half of the sensor registers the moisture of the soil whilst the […]

What is Project Shield?

What is Project Shield?

CES 2013: NVIDIA announces ‘Project Shield’ to the world – a unique handheld gaming device developed on the Android platform. Incorporating the world’s fastest mobile processor – the new ‘NVIDIA Tegra 4′ this chip allows the hand-held console to deliver massive amounts of power from its custom 72-core GeForce GPU (the first quad-core application of ARM’s most […]

Android, Fragmented? Probably not as much as you think

Android, Fragmented? Probably not as much as you think

One of Androids biggest criticisms is the fragmentation of the mobile operating system. Cupcake was the very first version released in 2009 and we are now on our seventh iteration of our favourite dessert named mobile operating system – Jelly Bean (released in July 2012). Google have just released some interesting statistics which shows that […]

The Internet - do you share?

The Internet. Do you share?

You may recall when the internet first hit the mainstream it wasn’t very interactive and in most cases it was a business or organisation digitising copy of  their respective brochures and thus becoming their website. At this time there was very little you could give back it was all about the user ‘taking’ information from […]


REVIEW: Maroo Otago – A stylish, leather case for your Apple Wireless Keyboard

The Otago from Maroo is high quality leather case for use with the genuine Apple wireless keyboard. This black, flip-top case offers two typing positions and corner straps to hold the folio shut. Like many people nowadays I live my life ‘online’ – my laptop never used to leave my side always being packed up […]